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Winter meeting, March 2, 2019

The Fairbanks Community Garden held its annual winter meeting March 2nd, items of importance from the meeting:

  • Board recommends plot fees stay at $40 per plot
  • $40 deposit may be refunded, donated or designated to apply to following year
  • Vacant garden plot giveaway day May 4that 9am

o  contact is Karen Bracken

  • Clean-up date July 13th9am to 12pm

o  If unable to attend clean-up day contact Wendy Anderson for project assignment

  • Fall garden meeting September 7that 4pm
  • Water scheduled to be turned on May 20th, this date is dependent on spring temperatures & thawing
  • Water scheduled to be turned off mid-September, dependent on fall temperatures
  • Garbage removal

o  No carpet remnants in garbage containers, too heavy for removal

o  No animal carcass in garbage containers, too smelly

  • If you set traps for garden eating varmints be aware of our feathered friends and place your traps where birds cannot get to them
  • Email regarding invasive weeds in the garden and the proper disposal will be sent to garden members in the coming month

Winter Meeting, March 3, 2018

The winter meeting of the Fairbanks Community Gardeners was held March 3, 2018 at the Fairbanks Community Food Bank. The main topic of conversation was the new non-profit, Fairbanks Community Garden which has been approved as a leaseholder by the Fairbanks North Star Borough.  The directors, Wendy Anderson, Curt Matz and Betsy Bonnell assured the gardeners that the garden will operate much as it has in the past, with the added benefit of a closer relationship with the non-profit lease holder because 2 of the three directors of the non-profit are garden members.

Other business:

The rent and deposit will remain the same. $40.00 rent and $40.00 deposit

Repair of fence damage by beavers was begun by the Borough Parks Department and will be completed in the spring. Some trees will need to be removed as they are hanging over the fence due to snow load.

Garden Give Away Day: May 12th. Gates open at noon, gardens assigned at 1:00 PM

2 clean up days

June 2, 2018 1-4 PM (Darlene Matz and Connie Vargas will assist) We will paint and construct a raised bed, trim brush, repair fence, install dac latches on the vehicle gates to make them more secure and perform general repairs.

July 14, 2018 1-4 PM  (Volunteers needed to handle food and sign in table)  We will take care of turning the compost and trimming weeds, other jobs as needed.

There will be bees at the garden again this year.

A Membership Support Committee, (Linda Kang, Marion Lundquist and one other gardener) was established to assist and communicate gardeners who appear to be having difficulties maintaining their gardens. This committee will inspect gardens that appear to be abandoned and notify garden president, Wendy Anderson.

Jeff Whiteside will investigate adding additional security precautions.

A 4-way outlet will be installed on the outside of the well house by qualified electrician.

Electricity will be turned on when the garden host moves in.  Water will be turned on when the ground thaws.

Delia will assist membership Coordinator Karen.

Leon will purchase and install new locks as needed.

Stan will empty garbage can at the south end.

Robin will take care of port-a-potty maintenance. (Calling Horizon Services).

Fall Bonfire September 15, 1-4 PM 



Winter Meeting, February 25, 2017

The winter meeting of the Fairbanks Community Garden was held on Feb.25, 2017 at the Fairbanks Food Bank.  26 people attended.  The meeting began with guest speaker Leslie Shallcross of the Cooperative Extension Service discussing services available to gardeners from her agency. Next, Kellen Spillman from FNSB Community Planning reported on the upcoming changes to the zoning that will make it much more easy to establish small community gardens. This will not affect the Fairbanks Community Garden.

Garden Fees will remain the same. $40.00 rent, $40.00 deposit

Old business: Abandoned plots, weedy plots and encroaching trees were discussed. Trees by the tool shed, flagged aspen will be cut down. Robin Harlow will continue to work with volunteers to continue to trim trees that have grown up in the green space near our fence. Vetch, especially that by the tool shed will be eradicated with Delia Vargas Krestsinger's help.  This will be a clean up day project involving covering some areas with black plastic. We will also work to fill in the holes in aforementioned area so that the grass can be mowed.  Wendy will speak to Duane and Jami Spears about mowing this area once it has been improved.  Also during clean up day we will help work on specific weedy plots as coordinated with the owners.

New Business: We are looking for a new garden host and Renee Majors will check with local property manager for help with this. The following phrase: "Gardeners may be asked to remove green houses if they present a problem for neighboring gardeners." will be added to the handbook.  This was due to the potential 6 foot tall green house that was being erected on the north edge of a garden last year and would have shaded the adjacent garden.  The gardener voluntarily removed the structure when the problem was pointed out to them by the garden coordinator. We will begin work on setting up our own nonprofit corporation before the lease is up in 2018.  Lara Lotze will assist with this project. A second port-a-potty will be purchased to be placed at the north end of the garden.  Wendy Anderson will speak to Horizon Services about this purchase. A permanent structure for shade and shelter is needed and Delia will pursue this with a Boy Scout Troop, perhaps as an Eagle Scout Project. A single day for rototilling will be coordinated so that the person being hired can do multiple gardens in one day Jen Majors will organize this. Lara Lotze can be contacted to work with the Fairbanks Community Food Bank to harvest produce that individual gardeners can't or don't harvest. One dozen 100 foot hoses are needed for the upcoming season.  Water will be turned on mid-May and a notice will be placed on the tool shed and well house to this effect.  This does depend on the weather. A woodpile will be established at clean-up day for recycling usable wood for raised beds, etc.

Other volunteer duties: Laura, Delia and MK will help with the garden give away day, Jen will coordinate clean up day. Connie will purchase need supplies. Marion will purchase supplies for the fall bonfire and meeting.Karen Bracken will continue her amazing work as membership coordinator.  Yujane Chen will continue as financial coordinator. Robin Harlow will monitor the cleanliness of the port-a-potties and call for service when needed. Stan Majors will empty garbage cans at the south entrance.


Meeting adjourned



Winter Meeting, February 7, 2015

Hello Gardeners,

16 gardeners braved the sub zero temperature to attend the winter meeting yesterday.  Thanks to Sherry Blizzard for bringing a beautiful cake to share.  Following are the issues that were discussed and decisions agreed on.
The garden lease was renewed last year for 4 years.  When it expires we need to be ready to renew under the existing non profit (AFCSR) or create a new one.
Raspberry bushes appear to be under better control.  We are looking for a volunteer to prune the canes that block the path.  Contact Wendy if you are interested,
Finding a garden host, it was decided, would be the best way to lesson vandalism and theft.  We will look for interested parties through the Fire Service, seasonal help at the hospital and Facebook.  In addition, to improve safety: Wendy will check with Mt. McKinley Fence about repairing the north gate, check with the parks department about repairing the south fence damaged by the beavers.  Gardeners are encouraged to call or email Wendy with information about homeless camps in the area so she can contact the City Police.
Fees for the coming season will remain the same.   $40.00 rent and $40.00 deposit.  Contracts are due by May 1st, 2015
New gardens will be assigned May 15th at 7 PM.  Robin H., Emily L., Kathy F. and Linda K. will assist new membership coordinator Karen Bracken.
Clean up day will be June 6, 2015.  We are in need of pallets to build additional compost piles.  Wendy will organize other repairs and improvements and coordinate this event.
Fall Bonfire and meeting will be held September 12th at 4pm and be organized by Anna M. and Mirian L.
Yujane will continue as our Financial Coordinator when she returns.  The balance in our account is $2220.44.
Robin H will take care of the port-a-potty maintenance.  There was some discussion of the need for an additional facility at the north end of the garden and a volunteer offered to check on the price of a used one. More frequent cleanings were requested.
We ask that tools be returned to the shed and not left in the garden.  Tools will be marked with bright colors and letters to that effect.  If tools are left in your plot and other gardeners are in need of them, they may enter your plot to obtain the Community Garden tools. Additional garden carts will be purchased that are easier for people with limited mobility and strength to use.  Collapsable (as seen on tv) hoses will be tried this year as many gardeners had good luck with them last year.
A new lock will be purchased for the tool shed (we typically purchase about 6-10 locks per year as they fail and are not repairable).
We would like to have some 110 outlets available in the well house and ask if there are any qualified electricians that can do this work for us.  Contact Wendy if you or someone you know may be available.
We will continue our search for an organization to build us a picnic shelter.
Following the meeting I heard from two gardeners that were not able to attend.  Duane Spears and his family will continue to mow our pathways.  THANK YOU!!!!   Another gardener raised the question of whether or not we will allow marijuana to be grown in the garden.   Wendy will check with the FNSB lands and parks department before we proceed further with this question.  Currently our handbook discourages people from planting one of a kind items, especially near the walkways.
Wendy Anderson, garden coordinator

Winter Meeting, March 8, 2014

The Fairbanks Community Garden members met on Saturday, March 8, 2014, at the Fairbanks Food Bank. Approximately 10 people were present.

The first item on the agenda dealt with raspberry control.  It was decided that those wishing to grow raspberries should contain them within their allotted plot space and not allow them to grow into the walking paths or 2' from their neighbors plot.

Under New Business items we learned that the FNSB has built a new well house.  The lease for the garden is up in July and must be renewed ever four years.  Members would like to see background checks completed for garden hosts.  Virva Elliott and Sherry Blizzard will work on a Host Contract.  Handbook changes will reflect a $5 increase in the deposit.

Moved to amend and passed:  "at least 25% of the plot area must be worked.

Financial Report:  We have $3,347.19

Volunteer opportunities are needed for:

  • Spring/Fall Clean Up Days.  This includes getting refreshments, logging in who is present, and assigning jobs.
  • Locks Manager:  Someone who will either repair or replace the locks at the gates, tool shed or water house.
  • Tool Purchase and Maintenance
  • Abandoned Garden Committee
  • Fence Repair
  • Tree Removal:
  • Trash Removal: Whoever took on this job last year (2012) Thank You!
  • Port-A-Potty- Maintenance:  This involves a phone call to clean up.

Website maintenance:  Sherry Blizzard will volunteer support.

Like us on Facebook:  Fairbanks Community Garden

Returning gardeners who wish to switch plots may do so on May 14th so that their old plot is available for new gardeners on May 15th. Email Virva Elliott to add your name to the list of gardeners wanting to switch plots.  The gate lock will be changed on May 10 if you want to have a look-see if you are considering swapping plots.  Email Wendy for the new gate code on May 10.

Reminder: Keep pathways free so they can be mowed. Do not pile compost or weeds in the pathways. Do not let your pathways grow larger and larger. We will attempt to reclaim some garden area from pathways on clean up day

It was decided to increase fees by $5 to $40.00/ plot rental and $40.00 per gardener deposit. We realize that some plots are bigger than others but the fees will continue to be the same reasonable fee for all size plots.

Wendy will purchase signs to place on the gates reminding people to always lock the gates. The padlock should be locked in place even if other gardeners are still in the garden or if you intend to only be in the garden for a few minutes. Never leave the padlock hanging open and unlocked.

A gentle reminder: Though some of us have been gardening here for decades, it is important to remember that the community garden is a public place and not our back yard. Please keep your children and animals safe under your supervision.


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