Winter Meeting Notes – March 8, 2014

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The Winter Meeting of the Fairbanks Community Garden took place on March 8th, 10 am at the Food Bank. 10 gardeners were present. A number of changes were made to the handbook and the rent for new garden plots was set at $40.00/ year.  Deposit will remain the same at $40.00.  Fees and Contracts are Due May 1st (Note from Virva: You will receive the new revised 2014 contract in email/mail soon if you did not pre-pay last fall for this season).
Combination will be changed on May 15th.
Gardeners who want to change plots will be able to do that at the garden on May 14th at 6 pm.
New gardens will be assigned on May 15th at 7 pm.  Gardeners on the wait list should come at 6 pm.
Clean up Day is June 14th, noon – 4 pm.
We again discussed the problem of spreading raspberries and decided to add the following to the handbook. “Raspberry plants must be cultivated and maintained so they are contained in your own plot.  Canes inhibiting access on the pathways will be pruned.”
The well house and water system designed and built by the FNSB will be completed in May.
The Garden Hosts, Mr and Mrs. Ed Anderson will not be returning as hosts.  We are looking for a new garden host in a self contained RV or Trailer.  A background check will be done on the garden hosts and a letter of agreement will be drafted as to their benefits and responsibilities.
Newly available plots and plots with confusing boundaries will be marked with stakes.  They must not be moved.  Pathways will be marked before clean up so that gardeners are clear what portion of the garden is theirs to maintain.
Garden Officials will no longer be available to find help to water plots if gardeners are away.
We will have the water tested for potability and strike the reference to not having dogs drink the water in the handbook.
The garden will now be a no smoking area.
New gardeners are allowed to rent only 2 plots.  If a plot becomes available and there is no one on the wait list willing to take it, a gardener with two plots or more may request to garden the plot for that season only.
Yujane Chen has volunteered to be our financial coordinator.
Wendy will contact the Parks Department and City of Fairbanks about the runoff from the snow dump entering the garden.
Thanks to the Food Bank for their wonderful meeting room and to Nora Grunner and Delia Vargas Kretsinger for the refreshments.

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